Welcome to the world of architectures

“Architectural works, in the material form of buildings, are often perceived as cultural symbols and as works of art.”  When I saw the sentence, I realized that a huge world of architecture about art, cultures and many other things has been presenting.  I just need to walk in, take a look, and think.  This is a very good start because when we find a topic, we have the direction which we can go.  After that, we just need to experience, and then let people know what we learned.

I start to do some search on architecture today.  The concept of architecture is not single, but it has various meanings and explanations.  Just because the variety of architecture, we would have many useful things to learn. I believe every architect must deeply love their designing.  When crew tried to paint his car again and again to be perfect, architect must also demonstrate on drawing by holding their magic pencils.  Every line they outlined contains their wishes for themselves, for cities, and for society.  They are designing a building or a system that look forward to tell stories of the place it stands.  They want their designing to be symbols.  They want to people remember them.  Like the Empire State in New York City, Sydney Opera House in Sydney, or Great Wall in Beijing.  Three architectures above represent different cultures, and they have different stories.  That is what I really want to explore in the architecture world now – cultural reflections.

It is my first blog post.  It is my first look at the world of architecture.  Before today, I was only thinking, guessing, imaging the world of architecture, and how it is related to culture.  I will keep up and find out more valuable and interesting cultural reflections of architecture, especially modern and postmodern architectures to let you, my reader, know more about my feeling, opinions, ideas and discoveries on architectures.