A new concept of architecture—virtual architecture

If we look around, we will realize that we live in a world made of real materials. Especially spaces when are staying in for daily, they were piled with bricks and support by concrete beams. However, if someone is working on build a virtual system for enhancing social interaction, what you think about? I think it’s amazing. A research “A DESIGN PATTERN OF VIRTUAL ARCHITECTURE FOR SOCIAL INTERACTION IN IRAN CASE STUDY: IRANIAN ARCHITECTURE SOCIETY” talks about it. While cultural and social communication become more and more important to us, people realize we need to create a better platform for communication. It is the reason and intension. Also, because the success of internet, engineers, scientist, and architects come up with building a virtual system which totally different from traditional architectures. This kind of architectures are designed and built by information architects which is consistent to contemporary’s society situation. Today is an information age, and everything is going to be informational because information is fast spreading, large volumes, and easy to get. Not like previous communication methods, like phones, TVs, or Radio, which are very important but still have limits, the virtual architecture offers a brand new environment for an amount of people to communicate like in an office without real stone, brick, or concrete. It is the transition of spatial and material architecture to time and immaterial architecture. It is also a good solution for increasing population and limited earth space. I think it is a great project which can bring us to a new world of architecture. While the time is changing, the concept of architecture has been changed and adjusted to fit into society and people’s understanding. As far as I know, it is the most sufficient idea in the history of architecture, and I hope it will become true soon.


4 thoughts on “A new concept of architecture—virtual architecture

  1. This post was very interesting. I think its really unique how virtual architecture is being implemented. I agree, with all of these intelligent people, like architects and scientists, its possible to come up with such new and exciting creations! I feel like one day in the future, everything will be computerized. And while it will save on space and time (because the internet is fast), it could have a downside. To me, the major downside would be not having the ability to touch things. I would miss touching and feeling different textures. But nonetheless, I think its very cool that this could be happening, and I like how you explained your case in the post!

  2. Nice post. I would like to emphasize you comments about communication. I think it relates very much so with your topic but i also feel that communication just such an important concept with everything in life. Architecture and sciences defiantly need to be in constant communication and agreement but so many aspects in everyday life also are so completely dependent on solid communication and with out that type of communication, things would literally fall to pieces. I think that was a great point to make!

  3. This is very interesting to know. I had no idea that architecture would soon become computerized. I agree that as society changes, the way do things must also change to fit society. I agree as well, that it would allow a better sense of communication amongst architects who are constructing a building. However, having something based on technology could have negative effects on society. One of them that I would assume is that because it is on the computer it makes it easy for people to steal and take credit for. Or, there might be a time where this source of technology crashes. Although, it is a great idea there still needs to be improvements to guarantee the safety of the architects, engineers, and scientists who make these buildings.

  4. This post is really interesting. You talk about this new form of architecture that will be made virtually. This seems really cool and should make many things much easier but I am still having some trouble figuring out exactly what it does. Is it just a network for a business or will there be a way to feel like you are inside a building that doesn’t exist.

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