research on architectures

It is another day to submit the blog.  I figured out that my topic is a little bit tough while I was doing my research.  I tried to find some resources that talk about cultural characteristics of modern architectures or postmodern architectures.  However, I found little things that I can use to fill into my blog.  Architecture is a broad topic, and even I have decided to focus on the cultural characteristics, it is still hard to really write something.  During the development, the word architecture has been given more and more definitions. It is much more complicated.  From the very beginning of churches to nowadays distinct systems of buildings, we can just simply extract a part of the world to talk about without any background. If we want to write something, we must have some sufficient knowledge the topic.  However, I feel like architecture is still a very unfamiliar area no matter how eager to find out what is going there.  I imagine that I was an architect, so how would I design the structures of my essay; what materials would I use to build up this essay; what point would I make to make my “architecture” stands out differently?

Above are my feelings of the process of writing this blog and the future essay.  The point is that behind my essay, or behind great architectures and other works of art, there must be many compelling and cultural issue happening.  Because society is not simple, and the people who create the complicated society are much complicated and diversity, I believe that I would find out much more information in the world of architecture.  Please be patient.  Not a great work can be done easily, especially costly architectures.  Compare with architectures, what effort would be countless.  Therefore, I will make it happen.


3 thoughts on “research on architectures

  1. I agree with this post a lot. I like your topic of architecture, but I also like the point you’re focusing on: the cultural aspects. I’m not sure what you want to do with your paper, but maybe one suggestion is that you could gather research about different famous pieces of architecture around the world, and you can examine and analyze where each piece of architecture came from, the background of the pieces of work, and even the architects behind it all. You could also research what different pieces of architectures were made for who, or what. For example, the Tahj Mahal, or the Pantheon in Rome. Or even you could look at how architecture has changed in different times, like in world civ we’re studying how different architecture was influenced at different times. I know at one time, architecture switched from a lot of wooden structures, to “iron and glass.” These are just suggestions though…good luck!

  2. I agree that when it comes to writing this research paper it is hard to find an essential topic to focus on. What I could recommend is to discover the cultural aspects of architecture. I currently take an art history course that discusses the cultural and social revolution of architecture. You might want to focus on how architecture has evolved over time. How it has connected to society through its changes, revolutions, and cultural developments. Perhaps than you might be able to find or create a central focus on architecture without it being too vague. The last thing that I would recommend is to focus on a certain style of architecture and not all different types. I hope this helps.

  3. im not sure whether you are planning to foucus on one specific piece or architectue or like foucs on it as a whole but i feel that you are now going at it with a better approach for you essay. I am very excited to continue reading to find out what you have instore. I think it might be helpful as a culutral aspect to include the time period and other things like religion that might have an effect on particular builidngs and works as a whole. maybe compare and contrast? ether way goodluck! this should be a pretty cool essay!

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