Is architecture an advertisements?

“Iconic Architecture and the Culture-ideology of Consumerism” by Leslie Sklair is the main subject today.  The article talks about a different position that architecture stands in today’s society, especially a globalized developing consumerism society.  I think it is the cultures develop that cause the change of the concept of designing buildings.  In my initial memory of architectures, churches are overall impressive impressions about architectures.  It also means that in my mind, architectures are compositions of aesthetic and religious concepts.  In perception of architectures, I always hold a admired way to understand these holy buildings.  However, after reading this article, I realized that even though how beauty the architectures left me before, something has been changed.  In the material and consumerism world, people are seeking  maximum profit but not concerning the original artistically values of architectures and its remains.  Another deploring perspective which is found in the article “Architecture is the same as advertising for communicating the brand” which reminds me that as a marketing method, architectures have been changed a lot.  A lot of contemporary buildings are exaggerated built to attract consumers.  However, I do not deny their creative associations of their shape, color, size, and details.  They are beautiful.  Yet, I feel that it has been much different from what I had in my impression.  Also, I can not judge its good bad, because the change of forms and concepts of architecture accompanied with the development of society.  In the time of secular people are the mostly educated fellows, and power are controlled by cathedrals.  Architectures are built in the will of priests or pops.  Like now, architectures are built by the will of consumerism.  However, I think there are too many weights having been put on the marketing value for architectures.  People become more and more focus substantive than artistic values.  Anyway, we do not know how the later people is going to judge and examine contemporary methods of using architectures, but I hope there will be a pure space remain for architecture and its cultural and artistic values.


2 thoughts on “Is architecture an advertisements?

  1. I like how you incorporated the article today. It’s a unique change, and a nice one! I agree with what you’re saying about church-I know that pretty much every church I’ve ever seen-or set foot in-is absolutely beautiful. The way that the stain glass in churches is placed so that when the sun hits them at different times, is so clever. I agree that usually, architects build buildings so that it’ll attract consumers, but I feel like sometimes, there could be a little culture and artistic value in this pieces. However, I agree that in the past, there was a lot more cultural and artistic buildings and a lot more cultural influence in buildings a long time ago.

  2. It is interesting to look at buildings now and compare them to the buildings in the past. I prefer buildings to be more culturally sculpted and have a sense of grace and beauty in it. In today’s world it seems to be based more on modernism, stability, and function than the overall appearance in it. I would assume that the beauty that the artist see’s is the overall function and stability that the building provides. However, it would be nice to see more buildings like Catholic Cathedrals that provide a sense of grace and wonder and not those that are constantly dull and hard to look at.

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