polarities in architecture

During reading materials about architecture, I found that every successful architect has their polar understanding and ideas of how to design and build architecture.  One the critical points is architectures should be pure structural or artistic?  A famous believes that just a structural building can only be treated as a building but not an architecture.  An architecture must be artistic.  When people see an architecture, they must be touched by its beauty.  The building must make its audience feel pleasant.  However, some architects’ ideal creation could just be present on papers.  I think the structure is the essential considerations of architectures.  Beside, pure structural ideas do not equal forgetting about artistic ideas.  Sometimes, only the structure of a building or system would impress people.  Sometimes, when we watch pure clean wall without mosaics, or columns without patterns, we feel boring.  However,  in MOMA, a paint which is just a white paper are exhibited as a masterpiece.  Even more, when we watch a architecture, we are not only watching a wall or columns, but we also watching the combination of them.  The complexity of those combinations are arts of structures—architectures.  Architectures are complex.  And sometimes complex, abstract, and things that are hard to understand are regard as works of art.  In the other side, decorations and artistic elements adding also try to make architectures looks complex and abstract.  Anyway, no matter what polar that architects choose,  what style they prefer, or what materials they use, the architectures must be consistent.  Last, I have something to say about Eclecticism in Architecture.  Eclectic architects are mostly copying from historical architectures by parts, and then combine those parts to present a seemingly new architecture.  However, I do not like this kind of designing.  These architectures have no unique understand, position, or theory to support must be bound to disappear in culture.


2 thoughts on “polarities in architecture

  1. I agree with this post. I can see where you’re coming from with saying that a building is structural architecture. When I look at, for example, big grey concrete buildings that are on UB’s campus, I think that those buildings are pretty, and nice, but I don’t necessarily think of them as artistic. I think of different structures as unique, but not artistic. On another note, I looked up Eclecticism on google images, and I really liked what I saw! I think this type of designing is really unique. I found it interesting about what you said about the white paper being a piece of art. I agree, I think to myself how is something like that art? A few weeks ago I went to the Albright Knox Art Museum with my roommate, and there was this huge canvas, just painted orange. It was a famous piece of art, and I couldn’t understand why. I later found out it was a huge piece of art because of what the artist said it meant. It was very interesting to me, but it didn’t make sense!

  2. I believe that a true architect is someone who makes their own ideas, drawings and beauty when it comes to constructing a building or building one. I do not believe that someone is a true architect when they use other people’s ideas to construct a building. A true architect must be willing to come up with their own ideas. When they are able to come up with their own ideas they are able to come up with their inner beauty that they want to present to the world. They are also able to come up with their own sense of style and constructiveness when it comes to building a building. I do agree that those who copy from other people’s ideas are not only architects but, should not be allowed to build.

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