I think nobody can really understand a work of art other than the artist himself.  Also, nobody can really understand an architecture other than architect himself.  Even we feel beauty from the work, we still have different understands among different people and between different period time.  The way we perceive will change accompanying with the experience we gain.  We know more, and we would have more angles to look at things.  Also, when I am not familiar with “Architecture”, it is like the star in the dark night sky.  I know it is beautiful, but unreachable.   I started to search the mysterious world: the history of architecture, legends of architects, historical remains of buildings.   I build up my understanding about architecture.  Like I said in the beginning, we all have different understanding about architecture as well as architects themselves.  No matter what they wanted to put into their elaborated designing, I think they all have their philosophy principles to follow.  And mostly, architects are work for prevailing class which means they have to listen to their clients’ asking.  However, their work only reflect minority’s will.  Le Corbusier is one of an architects that I respect because he proposed that architectures should be built for majority.  Houses should be built to satisfy people’s demand and affordable.  Buildings should be built functionally because they are not just for watching and display in museum.  Their essential value for human society are functions of buildings.  Inventories are invented to be used in human society to make their lives better.  Architectures are products of civilization.  Their built is to reflect how the human cultures have been diverse and how mature of the process of civilization.  The satisfactions people feel about their buildings or other demands in their daily life can be the evidence of the success society.  The built of houses to live that is one of the most important demands of people.


One thought on “untouchable

  1. While I’ll definitely agree that architecture is supposed to be built for the majority of people, and its supposed to be built for people to live in, I also agree that it is nice to look at. I can agree also that I don’t think architecture should be made justtt for looking at. It should also be made not only for looking at, but also to serve some type of purpose. I also completely agree with what you said about everyone having different perspectives about what architecture is. I can relate this to the one time that I went to an art museum. Every piece of art meant something different to me, and every other person, based on our different experiences, age, culture, and background. The same can be applied to architecture.

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