“Built environ…


“Built environment can contribute to the preservation of cultural values, and can also act as a physical instrument of cultural change”.  I quote it from “Locating architecture, post-colonialism and culture: contextualisation in Algiers”.  The article talks about the built environment in Algiers from fifteenth to twentieth centuries and how it changed under different historical context.  During the period time of the author studies, Algiers has been through two different historical contexts.  From fifteenth to nineteenth centuries, Algiers was under Ottoman rule, and had been invaded by French from nineteenth to twentieth centuries.  I strongly agree with author’s opinion that architecture’s development is influenced by the broad culture elements such as politics, economics, and societies.  Also, the building of architectures also influences the development of culture and society because how the building environment is devised and how the structure of the city is planned that is going to decide the pattern of its development.  Architecture as a reflection of culture does not sound new actually because it was built to fulfill the demand of people.  Getting a place to stay and keep safe and warm has been thousands years of appeal for human beings.  And a building, or a house that become their home satisfy their feelings of belonging.  And by the time of passing, what happens under the roof become memories of us, and when people memories be shared and spread in a certain range of area, their stories, conversations, interactions becomes the culture of that communities.  I think it is how culture is formed.  The built environment is the environment where the culture is born.  Different environments give birth to different cultures. That is why throughout the world, there are diverse culture forms, and in homes of those culture, people have their unique aesthetic and perception about arts and architecture, especially, the buildings they built were essential used to follow their wills of living in daily life.